Why Isn't Trivia Fun?


Time and time again I encounter people who, as a group, say they're no good at trivia. Where did they get this impression from? Is it because they don't realise how much they know or is it because they have the belief that trivia focuses on topics that fall outside of their field of knowledge; outside of their "lot about a little"?


When a trivia show concentrates on questions that focus on "a lot about a little", you end up disappointing a lot people. If the whole point of the evening is to win a prize and prizes are only given to 25% of the audience, you set up 75% of the room for failure. A venue will book trivia to enhance their value by generating profit and a positive reputation. Does a trivia show that by its very design only cater to a minority of the population help the venue achieve that goal? Not only is the answer to that question no, but it also ends up marginalising most of that minority.


Thinker Entertainment turns everything you thought you knew about trivia on its head.


A Little About A Lot


Most people know that JFK got shot in Dallas and the person arrested was Lee Harvey Oswald. Some of those people know that it happened in November 1963. However, the vast majority of people will be able to identify the amateur footage of the shooting filmed by Abraham Zapruder if its played to them. The reason of course is that people are very good at absorbing "a little about a lot". This is the kind of knowledge that Thinker Entertainment seeks to tap into which results in venues being able to attract the majority rather than the minority.


Trivia Players Don't Drink? Mine Do


You weren't allowed to drink alcohol at school and quite a few people applaud leaving school for that reason. So why are we going back there? "Trivia players don't drink" is a phrase I hear a lot, to which I reply "trivia players who think they're back at school don't drink". Having casual questions just isn't enough to successfully vie for a group's attention. Trivia nights these days have to battle YouTube, Facebook and the Friday night house-party experience to be relevant. Thinker Entertainment succeeds by taking all those things and building a trivia game out of them. Those funny pictures on Facebook? We've got them. That YouTube clip you just shared? We've got that too. That Friday night party? Count the empty beer jugs and you may want to invest in some beanbags and a lava lamp.


Thinker Entertainment Asks The Right Questions


You want your trivia host to ask "how do I create an entertaining game for the majority of the people?"

You want your trivia host to ask "how do I fill the room with those people?"

You want your trivia host to ask "how do I generate a profit for the venue?"


Book Thinker Entertainment and have all your boxes checked.