Venues: Book Your Weekly Trivia With Thinker



Patrons Who Play For Fun Spend More

Thinker's trivia games are both varied in content and aimed to assist players in getting questions right, rather than trying to trip them up and confuse them. Patrons consistently say they enjoy going to games that were fun and didn't make them feel like a fool; it becomes a social event for them and their friends. Meals are bought at the venue and patrons don't shy away from having a few drinks.


Your Host Is An Experienced MC Who Wrote The Questions

If you've run trivia at your venue before, you've no doubt come across the host who phones in their performance or worse, can't pronounce the questions. Book with Thinker and your MC will not only be the one who wrote the questions but also researched the topics and knows the tricky history to a subject that often causes issues with other hosts.