What is Trivingo?


Recognise that song? Know that TV theme? Seen that movie poster? Recall it all with bingo.


Identify Picture & Audio From Songs, TV Shows & Movies

  • Name that song, tv show or movie then mark it off on your card
  • Rounds include song snippets, musician photos, tv themes, tv show cast photos, movie quotes & movie posters
  • Be the first to fill your card and call out TRIVINGO!




Bonus Games To Get A Head Start On Filling Your Card

  • Round Robin games such as naming a song starting with A-B-C... can't think of one? Sit down!
  • Play hangman & find-a-word games on the big screen
  • Every bonus game you win gets you closer to filling your card




Play Alone Or Part Of A Team

  • Every person gets a scorecard
  • Play solo to keep the prizes to yourself
  • Share identified titles with team mates to increase chances of filling your card


Trivingo Poster