What is Video Trivia?


The answer to pub trivia for the 21st Century


Questions For The Everyday Player

  • Have a fun night out, don't feel like a dummy!
  • Been conscious lately? You'll know a lot of these.
  • Diverse range of subjects; from serious stuff like history and politics to pop culture stuff like movie catch phrases and song lyrics.




Funniest Clips Every Week

  • Spend too much time on YouTube?
  • Sharing today's funny on Facebook?
  • Catch all the latest hidden gems at Video Trivia and laugh yourselves silly.




Every Answer From An Authority

  • Disagree with your mates?
  • Every answer delivered on the big screen in a video by an expert.
  • End the fights, settle the bet!



Weekly Themed Crossword

  • Bonus points available via a themed crossword, available at least 30min before start time.
  • Complete in your own time.
  • Pop culture themes such as 'Song Titles With People's Name In Them' and 'TV Series With Movie Stars In Them'

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